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Property management

All Yield handles the daily management of the real estate portfolio personally. This in-house property management entails numerous benefits for both the investor and the tenant.

The company’s direct lines of communication allow All Yield to provide tenants with an outstanding service. This helps to achieve sustainable returns for the investor.

The in-house management and the company’s scale make it possible to work cost-efficiently for both owners and tenants. The independence of external parties and structured property management enable All Yield to commit to efficient cost control, thus optimising the value of the real estate portfolio. Innovative technologies or green energy can also be deployed as a component of an overall strategy.

“At All Yield, we aim to achieve cost-efficient, multidisciplinary management focusing on optimal and sustainable returns by means of active property management.”

  • Daily project management
  • Commercialization
  • Accounting
  • Debtor management
  • Administrative management of rentals
  • Maintaining relationships with tenants and suppliers
  • Technical management and project management
  • Investor representation

Thanks to the diversity of its current portfolio, All Yield has the necessary expertise when it comes to the management of various types of real estate, from commercial to residential properties.

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